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Does my dp actually care about me!

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user1492510349 Sun 09-Jul-17 00:52:37

Hi all I've been with my partner 6 years and living over the brush as the old saying goes lol.
I have been ill for around a week and was back at the Drs as I got worse the dr told me to take it easy and to watch cause I'm taking 5 different tablets that they don't make me dizzy etc dp has the attitude that he doesn't care tbh, tonight he wanted to go to his friends and see kids etc and I went to my mams so I didn't pass my germs on to them (usually we both would have gone) I've text him a couple of times tonight just to see how people where and stuff about half 11 I rang to see if he wanted a taxi ordering and stuff and he wouldn't answer the phone or texts so it's annoyed me that he wouldn't answer the phone in the first place when I finally got Intouch to see what time he would be home this is at 12.30am all He kept saying was soon and put the phone down on me, so I'm sat up dosed up on tablets wondering what time he is coming home and what state he is gunna be in I have an appointment early in the morning which he more than likely be to hungover to attend, when do men actually grow up? If the shoe was on the other foot and he was ill I would have to wait on him hand and foot because he's Ill. It really annoys me and makes me think he doesn't care at all because half of the time he would rather choose drink than looking after me am I been to hormonal and been ott?

MeanAger Sun 09-Jul-17 00:58:19

I would have to wait on him hand and foot because he's Ill.

No you wouldn't. You would be choosing to wait on him hand and foot. You don't have to. Leave him to it as he has left you to it. Sounds like a shit relationship tbh. Why are you in it?

user1492510349 Sun 09-Jul-17 01:06:23

Yeah that's true I can't stand the moaning on lol I defiantly won't be doing nothing more for him lol
We do have a good relationship but when I'm poorly he's not bothered about me one bit especially when drink is involved lol x

MeanAger Sun 09-Jul-17 01:21:49

Well then you don't have a good relationship.

If you choose to share your life and home with someone it is because you trust them to treat you with respect, to care if you are upset, or ill or hurt, because you think they want you to be happy and because you care about them in all those same ways. Allowing someone to be in your life in such a way is a privilege. They aren't entitled to it, they don't just get it because they've been going out with you for long enough. You get to decide who deserves to have the privilege of sharing your life and home. Someone who doesn't care that you are ill and doesn't have the decency to speak to you properly on the phone doesn't deserve a single thought in your head let alone space in your bed. If someone in the street spoke to you like he did on the phone would you invite them into your home and share a bed with them? No, you would walk on past them and wouldntt give them the time of day. So why would you allow someone who is supposed to love you to treat you like that if you wouldn't let a stranger?

It's really not a loling matter.

eatabagofdicks Mon 10-Jul-17 14:55:57

No, he doesn't, to answer your question. But you sound like you want to defend him hmm

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