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Taking 2 year old to hospital to visit dgd

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user1472334322 Sat 08-Jul-17 16:48:26

FiL has been in hospital for the last few weeks about 60 miles from where we live. Dp has been up and down visiting him. No issue with that at all. Fil and I get on brilliantly. Got home from work earlier and dp says he wants to visit his dad tomorrow. I'm happy with that, but then he says that he wants to take ds2 (almost 3) with him. To be fair to him, I know he's trying to help me our because I'm taking ds1 (5) to a party tomorrow and just having him there would be easier.
My worry is firstly are kids that young allowed in hospitals?
Secondly ds2 had a 24 hour bug (high temp and sickness) meaning he was away from preschool yesterday and so will be about 72 hours past being ill. I'm worried about Fil and the other patients if their immune systems are low.
Thirdly I think ds2 will get bored pretty quickly and dp needs to spend time with his dad.
Dp says his dad is frustrated with being stuck in hospital and would love a visit from a gc. I understand that completely but I don't want his recovery hampered at all. Wwyd?
(Sorry for still have a 'user' username, I can't work out how to change it and my password on my phone!!)

user1472334322 Sat 08-Jul-17 16:48:55

Sorry bit long!

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