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DH long time friend fall out....

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Mar15mite Fri 07-Jul-17 22:11:10

So DH has been friends with X since he was 5. X has younger twin brothers who we are also friends with. X was best man at our wedding.

We are now mid late 30's and had thought for a while one on twins was gay, DH asked X about it and he said it was true, it seemed as if he was quite ashamed about it. For context DH just wants X's brother to be happy (my sister is married to another woman, it's not like we have form for being homophobic)

X asked DH didn't mention it to X's brother. DH texted X's brother to say he supports him and love him whatever. He knows he shouldn't have betrayed this confidence but did it with the best intentions. He got a text back to say thanks and some chat from X's brother.

X is now completely ignoring DH and has been since it happened (3 months ago) he's tried sending texts and calling.

It's his best friend, they have been friends since they were 5, neither X or his brother are in contact all this time when they both would have been at a minimum weekly before.

I feel I need to do something to support DH as he sees other mutual friends in contact with them on FB etc all the time and is so hurt.


Mwnci123 Fri 07-Jul-17 23:46:27

Has your husband apologised?

CotswoldStrife Fri 07-Jul-17 23:53:09

Surely if X's brother wanted to come out he would have said so himself, your DH may have caused an issue between the brothers there. As Mwinci said, has he apologised?

Mar15mite Sat 08-Jul-17 11:40:55

Sorry I should have said that, he has apologised profusely at the time and since in texts. X is blanking him now completely.

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