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Deciding where to settle

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solomonrulesok Tue 04-Jul-17 14:02:21

Need some input into making major life decision - where to settle for lifestyle and schools. What would you compromise on?

Option 1) Stay put. Nice, safe area. Good for young children. Amazing primary. Access to countryside easy. Fairly ok commute though still 1-1:15hr each way. However - not much going on! Lack of after school care so prob will have to look into nanny or quit work. Assuming kids will be bored when teens though may not be. Secondary ok but not that great plus massive. Most kids go to state school from primaries. We could afford private if we save now though then issue of them possibly not going to school with their mates. Will have to ferry them around everywhere.

2) Move option 1. Nice safe area with more going on for both now and the future. Great secondaries. More after school options. Access to lovely countryside. However commute longer 1:15-1:30 each way. Primaries not as great (though still ok) or impossible to get into.

3) Move option 2. Back into town! Halve the commute. More life. Great primaries. However obviously more expensive houses, may feel more pressure to get into schools, clubs etc. More urban. Secondaries varied. Not nailed down where would be best and this is partly because unsure whether it's a good idea to choose somewhere based on primary AND secondary or just go for primary then figure out secondary later. Same issue as 1 of if we go for private there may not be any friends going. Also stress of exams.....argh.

Also very hard thinking of secondary now as I don't know what kids will be like really. Probably fairly bright, sporty rather than creative. Boys.

Any thoughts?!

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