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sogladweleftheUK Thu 29-Jun-17 10:21:03

We have a new issue with our neighbours that is bothering us immensely.

They have a very vocal dog that has not shut up at all since we moved in a few years ago. We have tolerated it and only once been over to ask them to maybe try and control the barking. It has not happened.

Recently, the same neighbours have installed a water feature in their back garden. Fair play, each to their own. Since this has been installed, it would appear that WW3 has broken out in their family. There are three children who apparently hate each other and a dad who seems to hate his children too. The shouting and language that has started coming from the garden is horrific, with the most awful curse-word coming out of the mouth of their youngest and it being said back by both the dad and the oldest sibling.

All this time, we are trying to enjoy the nice weather in our garden. We are not prudes, but do not want our children hearing this type of language. Neither do we want to be unable to hear ourselves think because of the noise from the arguing and the barking.

So, DH summons all his bravery and goes round to talk to the family about their dog and their language. All seemed to go well, the dad took on board what was said and for a week, all was well.

Until yesterday when I was asked round for a cuppa. Only to be told, by the mum, to "ask my DH to stop spying on my children. Our children no longer want to go in the garden anymore because they feel your DH is watching them".

I understandably got upset and started saying that she had it all wrong, my DH is not like that and I resent the insinuation. Then I left, as I was so upset.

My DH has, quite rightly, hit the roof and wants to go back round to "clear this up". I am telling him no, leave it now, they have had their "tit for tat" and it is not worth the stress and trauma.

Was I right? WWYD?

Italiangreyhound Sat 01-Jul-17 03:36:33

Are you renting

If so I would move.

Have you bought the place?

If so I would see if here is any kind of mediation available.

They sound like a total nightmare, really sorry.

peukpokicuzo Sat 01-Jul-17 03:42:49

God what awful people.
Just move. They are not going to improve.

OlennasWimple Sat 01-Jul-17 03:47:17

What's the water feature got to do with anything?

sogladweleftheUK Sat 01-Jul-17 13:52:53

We are not renting. We have been here for nearly three years. We have simply gone NC and will see what happens.

The water feature comment is to describe a new 'fad' for gardens that involves bubbles and swimming costumes. As I say, each to their own.

It's been nearly a week with no more comments so will shall see.....

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