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Please help me, I don't know which way to turn

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MoreLemonDrizzlePlease Wed 28-Jun-17 17:31:32

I'm early twenties and this year has been absolute hell for me. In January I found out I was pregnant despite taking the pill, my boyfriend and I decided we'd terminate as we're both living at home and it was unplanned. I was really sick with the pregnancy, I hid it from work but was running to the bathroom 8/9 times a day. I had a lot of time off as I told them it was a sickness bug.

I had my termination, it absolutely broke my heart and I couldn't walk through the hospital without feeling I was going to faint. Afterwards, I collapsed from bleeding at work, the bathroom was soaked with blood (at this point I end up admitting I had had a termination to colleagues and HR) and I went back and forth to A&E for them to send me away. A few weeks later, I began to pour with blood in Sainsbury's, it was horrendous and everyone saw. My boyfriend then drove me to A&E and would not go till I was seen to. Turns out they hadn't removed the foetus, I had a severe infection and was booked in for emergency surgery the next morning. This led to more time off and by this point work had began to performance manage me as my work was suffering. I was sacked from my well paid role. I've been applying for roles for 3 months and so far found nothing. I've suffered for years with anxiety but even upping my dose of citolapram isn't helping.

I'm arguing with my parents, they want me out. I had a little amount of savings but have bad credit, I've paid them £400 a month since I was 18, never ever missed a payment. I've just heard my dad say "just tell her to get out our house then" My boyfriend lives at home too, although he doesn't earn a lot and gives a lot to his daughters mum. Being at home is unbearable, I can't rent as I have no income/savings now, I'd be low priority with the council and I can't stay with my boyfriend for too long!

I just feel like ending it all, I know there's worse problems than this but I am seriously struggling. My mind is blank, what do I do?

MoreLemonDrizzlePlease Wed 28-Jun-17 18:39:21

Anyone? sad

doowapwap Wed 28-Jun-17 18:54:35

I couldn't leave this unanswered. I am so sorry you're such a difficult timeflowers

If I was you, I would go and see your GP and tell them what you're going through, explain how upset you are and all the things that have happened. Tell them what you have put here about how low you are.

I would look at moving out. £400 a month is a lot, you could find a house share for a similar price, even a small studio flat perhaps?

Don't feel bad if you focus on yourself for a while, you look after you.

Have you got some friends you can rely on?

MoreLemonDrizzlePlease Wed 28-Jun-17 19:05:16

Thank you for replying doo. flowersI really feel lost right now.

I literally have £300 to my name, I've paid my parents £400 since I lost my job. I ate into my savings to pay my car finance, board, insurance and other bits and bobs whilst I've been unemployed. I can't even afford a house share and would they accept me with having no job?

My closest friend turned her back on me after finding out about my abortion. We still talk occasionally but it's not the same. I don't have many 'friends', I have plenty of people I used to go out into town with but I don't trust them.

MoreLemonDrizzlePlease Wed 28-Jun-17 19:06:30

I've signed up to three temp agencies, I've had two days work in 4 months sad

Silverthorn Wed 28-Jun-17 19:10:13

You surely have grounds for unfair dismissal with your former work.
£400/month is plenty enough for a flat share.
You poor thing. Your parents are unfeeling **s.
You are low at the moment, but you have so much life in front of you.

MoreLemonDrizzlePlease Wed 28-Jun-17 19:15:22

silver my boyfriend also said that they treated me unfairly. The thing is, my work was slipping and I was struggling to keep on top of it. I was really poorly and all conversations regarding my termination/sickness with them was verbal. I have no proof.

They told me they were terminating my contract but if I would have to write out my notice saying I'd resigned and they paid me an extra £250 for doing so. I was in such a state I just said yes ok, please let me leave and go home now. It was stupid of me really, I should have asked for legal advice first. sad

antimatter Wed 28-Jun-17 19:18:52

Can you get an appointment with CAB? Write down everything what happened to you in the last few months and ask for advice.

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