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Carpet over laminate flooring?

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tabithaa Mon 29-May-17 16:33:18

Can you carpet over laminate flooring? Sounds odd to me? Has anyone done it?

Finola1step Mon 29-May-17 16:38:29

Have no idea but DH suggested this just yesterday. We have laminate (nice stuff but still laminate) throughout the downstairs. Was laid by previous owners. DH wants carpet in lounge but I don't want to rip up the laminate in case we change our minds. What are your plans tabithaa?

tabithaa Mon 29-May-17 16:40:22

He has just took it up there. He did the extra height might make the door even harder to close and open? I googled it and seems ok to do though 🙂

walkinganhouraday Mon 29-May-17 17:05:04

We carpeted over laminate and it was fine. Not sure how laminate will fare if we decide to remove the carpet in future though.

We had to shave an inch or so off the door as well.

tabithaa Mon 29-May-17 17:20:25

Thanks walkinganhouraday, good to hear someone has done it. My husband pulled laminate up, rooms a bombsite 😫

randomsabreuse Mon 29-May-17 17:24:46

Wouldn't personally. The laminate underneath will get trashed by fitting the carpet and unless you sort the door it will pull off its hinges.

Previous owners of our house did this - carpet over laminate over lino tiles and the lino had sweated horribly underneath.

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