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WWYD - My mate's DH on Instagram

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AznalEvol Sun 28-May-17 20:47:33

My best friend's DH has always been prolific on social media but recently, me and my DH have started noticing that he's following and liking a LOT of posts which contain borderline porno pictures. Maybe not quite porno. But basically just lovely looking females with mahooosive boobs, provocative posing, etc... My friend isn't active on Instagram so wouldn't necessarily see this. At first me and DH laughed about it, probably because it seems a bit out of character! He's usually ranting about politics or voicing his opinion on other current affairs but over the past week or so, his 'liking' activity seems to have increased to the point where my DH thinks I should say something to my friend! He must know other people can see what and who he's following so I figure he probably doesn't care and thinks it's funny but it just seems a bit weird! Would you say anything to your friend? I'm tempted to say something 'tongue in cheek' to see if she knows! Or should I just leave him to get on with his weird humongous-boob fetish?!

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