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Lousy (and lazy) clothes shopper needs help...

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rockcake Wed 24-May-17 20:50:16

Can anyone tell me where I might find pretty, reasonably priced shift-style tops and dresses in silky or cotton/cotton mix fabrics to flatter a slightly overweight middle-aged mum this summer? Need to be no shorter than mid thigh length, and cover tops of arms.....

I love T K Maxx, but it's too random and I don't have the time or the inclination to trawl through the shops or the net looking - hoping I can get summer wardrobe sorted in one session for this year and ongoing.... don't want to spend another one in jeans and other family members' cast off tee shirts, and I know I won't fit into former summer clothes any time soon (or ever again tbh)

All suggestions welcome (except telling me to lose the weight!!) Thanks smile

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