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Neighbours inconsiderate driving

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jasminder1 Thu 18-May-17 12:06:29

Hi, so we live on a housing estate that has very narrow roads, most of the houses have allocated parking spaces but some are not directly at the front of their house (some at rear). There are also no pavements and a couple of blind corners (it's a new estate, I guess they wanted to squeeze as many houses as possible without thought for any pedestrians!) One lady on our estate has taken to parking her car directly outside her house each morning to load her vehicle, I don't have an issue with this normally especially if unloading shopping etc but it's the manner in which she does it. This morning I was already coming down the road by her house when she came around the corner from her rear parking space and accelerated up the road towards me, abandoned her car in the middle and scuttled inside her house. She made no acknowledgement that I was already coming down whatsoever so I had to no choice but to reverse back and go down a different road that runs parallel. There was also an empty parking bay just up a bit from her house that she could have easily driven into just to let me pass. I have other issues with her too as she drives like a complete nutter way too fast around the estate and there are quite a few mums with prams and little ones walking in the middle of the road on their way to and from school. Last month at the traffic lights going out of our estate she was doing her hair in the mirror when the lights went green, I waited for a while thinking she would move but she didn't so I gave a small hoot on my horn to get her attention that the lights had turned, rather than gesture a thanks or just move ahead she showed me the finger!. I am so angry with this woman and this morning couldn't stop as had kids in car going to school plus she had shot in her house. I tried knocking on her door when I got back from school run but she was not there so have posted a note through her letterbox, was this the right thing to have done or should I have waited until she was in, starting to regret the note as probably could have been worded better but can't get it back now.

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