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Neighbours fence

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user14809667479 Tue 16-May-17 14:26:09

These last couple of weeks I've had more time at home and I decided to paint our back garden fence / the shed / the kids play house. I texted neighbour A to see if I was ok to paint the side of the fence I think we actually own it but I'm not 100% it was there before we moved in. Neighbours B are probably in their 70s and I do not see them often. I eventually saw the man and when I asked if he would mind me painting his fence on my side he said "righty oh" that was it no more conversation. So I chose a nice colour I wanted. I didn't want the usual green or brown and I chose a colour i loved £30 per 5 litres. It's probably excessive but I though it's my money I work hard. I did have to go back for more than I originally thought and in the end the paint cost £180. It's taken me nearly 3 weeks what with the weather / work / kids.

So today I was on the phone to my daughter and heard banging and men chatting. She said 2 men are taking down neighbour Bs fence. I didn't think much of it. She then text me to say neighbour B has said "tell your mum I will be popping round to paint the bit of my fence that's on your garden". It's his fence he's paid for it but now I think I've just got it looking really nice and he won't be using the same paint as me. Plus the old fence I had painted probably needed 1 1/2 tins that's £50 wasted. What shall I say? I do not see these neighbours often so can't just casually bring it up in a conversation. I do not have their numbers. I'm not sure if they have mobiles. What if he does it before I'm home or tomorrow while I'm out? Should I put a note through the door explaining that I've spent lots of time and money on my garden and would rather him not paint it with the colour he will use?

myoriginal3 Tue 16-May-17 14:28:27

Is he painting on your side of the fence? Je ne comprend pas

GinSwigmore Tue 16-May-17 14:37:17

Is there any chance your paint job botched his side?
I ask because when I creosoted once it went through the it was, halo that I am, I was always going to do both sides so it made no difference, neighbour was always going to get the good side regardless.
If it his fence then he can take it down and replace. Not sure about painting your side on your property when I creosoted I simply turned the panels round but again I creosoted a colour that matched neighbour's patio rails.
It is a shame. As you say, waste of £50. Do you have any paint left?

GinSwigmore Tue 16-May-17 14:43:28

^ I assume you have checked your deeds/land registry re who owns which own A, so can paint it lilac if you wanted to, he owns B and so as far as I know, you cannot paint it or grow plants on it without permission.

CoolioAndTheGang Tue 16-May-17 14:46:14

Make a permanent paint mark before they take down the original fence. My ndn moved the boundary over 8 inches in his favour when they put up a wall between our property and theirs (I was working away at the time and I felt it was too late to complain when I came home). He has already had a legal battle with our other ndn over trying to take extra land over their boundary too. They are always moaning about how they don't have enough space hmm

GinSwigmore Tue 16-May-17 14:48:40

You can not grow on it but can grow stuff your side to hide it. Plus you can put your own fence up within your garden...any chance he would resell you the painted panels you have already done that match/ any way you can put them up your side even if you lose a bit of garden doing so?

user14809667479 Tue 16-May-17 15:08:22

I don't know how to quote but yes I guess I could ask for the old panels thanks, I know this is not a major issue but every tiny little thing sends me anxious and I don't know how to deal with this. I'm going home soon thanks.

user14809667479 Tue 16-May-17 15:09:53

Just text daughter the new fence is up. confused

user14809667479 Tue 16-May-17 15:14:58

I don't know why he would replace his fence 1. There was nothing wrong with it and 2. He obviously knew I had been painting mine for weeks. I've never had any fall outs with them.

No no I couldn't have painted his side as it was big panels. No gaps to touch his side and I left the top free so from his side he cannot see my blue / turquoise.

CoolioAndTheGang Tue 16-May-17 16:48:07

He hasn't put in any sneaky right of ways/moved the boundary without you noticing?

user14809667479 Tue 16-May-17 17:59:51

He no as I had some wooden planters right to to the old fence and it's in the same position.

GinSwigmore Tue 16-May-17 21:08:55

So he did a fait accompli. So sorry, that must be really frustrating. Did you go round yet? What does the new fence look like?
Has he got rid of the old panels already?

user14809667479 Wed 17-May-17 09:43:24

Hi the man next door said the fence guys took the old one with them. It's ok. Not a cheap looking one, looks similar to the last but it is lower.

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