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No idea why?

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user1489269570 Sat 13-May-17 17:56:51

So I have been with my partner (38 years old) for almost 2 years. I am to afraid to do anything in sex as I am worried I am crap and it is even worse because before we got together he slept with some women and I saw messages between him and his mate how good she was in bed and that he couldn't cum again,giving him a blow job after sex. And she was a squirter (46 years old) I am 26 I have 4 kids. (I used to get so wet now I'm dry as the sun!!! 1 kid is his (5months old)
And before anyone says anything I know I shouldn't have looked I am paying the price for doing so.
Just asking for people's advice what I could do to put an end to it and an explanation on why I am like this???? sadconfusedblushhmm

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