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Three things I should do at the same time!

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itsmeitskathee Fri 12-May-17 20:45:32

Wwyd I'm really torn!
Started a new job full time a couple of months ago and have been putting a lot in. There was a piece of work I needed to do and I didn't do quite what was expected ( by my boss) in the timescale he had wanted. I offered to go into the office in the morning to do more. However I ended up doing more of it by the time I left tonight and emailed him to say could he let me know if he still wanted me to go in. He hasn't replied and I have since sent him another couple of bits of the project. To be honest, I've done as much as I can but I'm not convinced he will be happy.
However I had also arranged to do a parkrun with a running club colleague around the route of a run I'm doing next Sunday. I don't have any other chance to check out the route (it's a 10k). I could really do with the training.
Add to that my DS is in a sports tournament tomorrow morning. I haven't seen him play for ages and would also quite like to see him and be supportive.

All the activities are exclusive- because of the distance and I can't do any two of them. WWYD?

ImperialBlether Fri 12-May-17 20:47:37

You've spent enough time at work. Your boss is enjoying his weekend, so should you.

Go and watch your son play and go for a run afterwards.

itsmeitskathee Sat 13-May-17 07:29:23

Thank you. I'll go with that. I think sometimes I just need someone else to make a decision!! It's been a long week!

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