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Noise, Neighbours, Pregnancy and a mistake?

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WeeCheekyBird Tue 25-Apr-17 16:57:34

Hi all,

I'm heavily pregnant and my DH and I moved into a new flat this month (as we needed the space due to him working from home and the baby).

When we viewed the flat we knew it was in a slightly noisier part of town as it is more of a family home and before we lived in a quiet area due to being childless, however that was fine as I didn't mind as the noise was normal family stuff.

My issue is that the day before we moved in a young couple moved into the flat above us - the place had been lying empty for a while but her parents let her have it after she was evicted from her previous address. The girl seems friendly enough but she and her friends have been sitting at our back garden area - right outside my bedroom window - smoking weed and being generally very noisy from about 7.30/8am. None of them work. There was even a fight outside on Saturday between her partner and another neighbour at 10am.

Another guy has also started playing very loud music during the day directly over what will be my DDs bedroom.

I'm freaking out that I've made a big mistake. I pressured my DH into taking this flat as I love it inside and these problems weren't evident on the 2 times we visited before taking on the lease. It was also very expensive and ate into my DHs paternity savings.

I worry about confronting the neighbours as they are young and a bit rough (no offense intended, just fact). I don't want to make things worse.

I'm not sleeping very well due to pain from pregnancy and I can't get any sleep during the day due to the behaviour of them. I'm exhausted and struggling now.

Sorry that was long. Basically WWYD? (other than move...again)

Mustardnowletsnotbesilly Tue 25-Apr-17 17:01:24

Honestly this is the kinda crap that sends me bonkers. I'd go and stay with my parents until dh had sorted out new accommodation. I'd apologise to dh but say thats the way it has to be. I am SUPER annoyed by other peoples noise though. You could fight it and ask them to shut up but clearly they don't care. Don't stress about it, just get out.

SenoritaViva Tue 25-Apr-17 17:02:09

Other than moving...
You will get your own back soon with a small crying baby. You could stick it out and see how it goes.
You could call 101 and ask what to do about the weed smoking.

Personally I'd start by talking to them and explaining how things are, if they're decent things might improve. If it doesn't improve, move!

WeeCheekyBird Tue 25-Apr-17 17:04:53

I would usually mustard but can't stay with parents, and we can't afford to move again. We've only been here 3 weeks - I'm also tied into a 6 month minimum term - it's a private lease.

I could handle the normal noisiness but it's the drugs at my bedroom window. My baby will be sleeping in there and it means I can't open the windows - also the fighting was out of order. I wouldn't even be that bothered if it was just lazy folk and it started later in the day.

I've never met work-shy people who get up so early!

WeeCheekyBird Tue 25-Apr-17 17:06:19

Viva that is true. I suppose I could get some pleasure in waking them all up with a screaming child all night...or for their noise to wake her up and make their own lives more difficult...grin

franciemczoo Tue 25-Apr-17 19:00:15

Do you know who the landlord is of these neighbours? If you do, report the issues because being a nuisance to others is a breach of the conditions of the lease.

If no luck, speak to 101 about the dope smoking. They might send a PCSO round for a "chat".

WeeCheekyBird Tue 25-Apr-17 20:18:45

fancie The neighbours upstairs don't have a landlord as such. Her parents bought the flat and used to live in it then moved out and let her move in after she was evicted from her last place. The girl is only about 19. They own the flat so can't go over their head.

I think I'll give 101 a call for some advice. I really don't care what they get up to in their own flat. I would just like to open my bedroom window without either being woken up or having their smoke waft in. Getting preggo-rage from it.

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