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What job would you choose?

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yellowpocket Thu 20-Apr-17 14:59:46

If you were a sahm and were looking to start planning for a return to work in a couple of years but with no substantial experience, out of the following areas of interest, what specific job would you choose or look at doing? Or do you do something that touches on some/all of these subjects and can give any advice?
Interested in Archaeology, Biology, Medicine, History, Horticulture, Zoology, Conservation..
I'd be willing to do training, volunteering or further study (preferably online if possible due to having small children to look after). I feel like I am too scared to make a committed decision for fear of it being the wrong one and having to restart again down the line and feel i'm running out of time. I'm not interested in the big bucks, though being able to be earning something and enjoy myself at the same time would be the dream.. smile

Allthebestnamesareused Tue 25-Apr-17 17:06:50

What levelof education do you currently have? Where do you live? Eg what companies are located nearby that would offer employment?

Dozer Tue 25-Apr-17 17:10:18

There are relatively few jobs in some of those fields. If your main aim is to get a job it'd be better to investigate options and entry requirements in your area (or commutable)

When you say training do you mean and have funds for a degree?

Ylvamoon Tue 25-Apr-17 17:20:50

It depends a bit on your location and what industries are within your driving distance. Than you have to consider your level of education and commitment to the task ahead.
Look into the OU- they offer a wide range of courses. See if you can do some volunteer work in these fields (sometimes it's who you know, not what you know!)

Biology & Medicine can be combined and it is more likely to find employment. I have similar views on Horticulture, but it might be restricted in the types of jobs available (garden centre, garden design, tree surgeon, .... )

Archaeology and history (unless you want to get into teaching) are a bit more tricky- speaking from experience! It's an overcrowded field, but finding employment is not impossible! (If you get to know the right people, you are more likely to find permanent employment!)

yellowpocket Wed 26-Apr-17 10:15:29

Thanks for the replies.

I have a biology degree with honours from a top university but only achieved a 2.2 for various reasons (nothing to do with not trying, just life getting in the way!). This was a few years ago. I have a little bit of work experience in a couple of conservation projects and farming but these were only short term (few weeks to a few months). I am technically what I guess people would call a trailing spouse, my DP is the main earner and we are based in Europe.
I'm at a crossroads where I have a little extra time available and a chance at pursuing a career or interest for myself in the long run. I don't want to have kids going into school and having to start from scratch without having tried to achieve something along the way in whatever time I do have to myself. My DP would be supportive, finance would be available to do something now but perhaps not later due to other family/life commitments (but the cheaper the better).
I've a basic grasp of the language of where we are but not enough to help with looking for a job where its required. Also where we are competition is fierce for any jobs, and it is the norm for people to have done further studying so even though I am trying to get a better grip of the language, I wouldn't blame companies for casting my CV to the bottom of the pile.
Due to the nature of DPs job we can live almost anywhere so that is not a barrier really, but family friendly ideal!
Whatever I end up doing I'm not sure it will be in the country we are currently in, so I was trying to think of ideas for jobs and work that can cross international lines in these fields? I'm wary of doing training for something in e.g. Spain that will not be recognised in e.g. UK.
Personality wise I will outright say I loath the idea of being at a desk or lab everyday as I enjoy being hands-on and outside. This is also not about the money- though its important too! I just want to do something I at least enjoy and feel I get something out of..


Allthebestnamesareused Fri 28-Apr-17 15:55:46

Any chance of doing PGCE to qualify as a teacher?

If you are in Europe would you be able to teach English (without a formal qualification) anyway?

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