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Moving reception aged child mid year!

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floatingawayfinally Thu 20-Apr-17 14:18:47

I'm in the process of separating from spouse. Initially it was a very combative situation however now we are on good/co-operative terms. During the volatile phase I applied for a school place in the area I plan to move to. He has been offered a place at a good school which I quite like.

Anyway I have the option of moving in with my parents who live in the area where the new school is and starting my reception aged child there mid year. I has a job starting in September so this would give me time to settle him and also find my own place. However I'm worried it will disrupt his progress for him to be moved mid way through the year and wonder if it would be better to allow him to finish reception in his current school and then move him so he starts year 1 at his new school. The problem with this is that I will have to give up the school place he has been offered and wait until July to find out if the school he has been offered is better or worse then this one.

Wwyd. Move him now or delay him till September.

floatingawayfinally Thu 20-Apr-17 14:23:55

Sorry for typos

School he is offered for September is better or worse.

Another contributing factor is that my ds is a very late summer born. He took some time to settle in his cutter school and though he doesn't have a friendship group per we he does have a few children he plays with regularly and he likes his teacher and TA. Part of me wants him to finish off the year with his current class but it would suit me much better to go now as I won't have to sit until July worrying about it and can start prepping for my new life.

floatingawayfinally Thu 20-Apr-17 14:24:37

Ugh current not cutter

LIZS Thu 20-Apr-17 14:25:20

Sooner rather than later imho. They don't have to hold the place open for you and summer term is often more social so quicker to settle.

viques Thu 20-Apr-17 14:28:02

I would move him now, if he settled well into reception initially there is no reason why he should not settle happily in to a new school, he will also be well settled in ready to start Year 1, he will know the school, they will know him and it will make the start of a new school year much smoother , especially when there are likely to be other changes in the wind eg your new job, possibly a new house.

In addition as you say you could well lose the place to another family by September, you could find that other schools with places are further away, or not meeting his needs as well.

viques Thu 20-Apr-17 14:33:39

Sorry, just seen your update that he took a while to settle in the first school. Remember he is now a bit older and more mature, understands how school 'works' and has started to develop friendships, these are all positive things, I think he will cope, and also remember that if he goes now he will not be having to worry about a new school, new teacher and new friends over the long summer break .

floatingawayfinally Thu 20-Apr-17 14:34:37

Yes I did wonder if it was better to spring all the changes on them at once or introduce them one by one. H would like to play happy families for a bit longer and give them a bit more time I enjoy the status quo before all the big changes. I'm undecided about which option is better for them hence why I'm here.

floatingawayfinally Thu 20-Apr-17 17:33:24

Another factor in my decision is that I would have to live with my parents whilst I'm sorting out my housing at least for the week days. The problem with that is my younger siblings live there and they are not used to living with young children. In the past this has sometimes led to clashes as it's not very child friendly and so dcs can cause mischief. They are all supportive though and may be more tolerant now but not sure whether it will be too much drama living there.

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