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Bullied? Anxiety? Ride it out or challenge?

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ClodTheGoat Sat 15-Apr-17 23:29:42

I used to love my job, I felt valued and like I contributed something. Over the past couple of months something had changed and I'm feeling unappreciated and anxious about work.

Over the past year I had some personal issues and work was fantastic and really supportive. I had to go part time- 5 days became 3. Again work were great in accommodating this.

I found the workload hadn't changed much despite me dropping 2 days so spoke to manager and we reallocated workload. This is where the problems seemed to kick in. I think my colleagues resent that I do less, also the boss (one higher than my manager) has started being increasingly unrealistic in her expectations. For example I'll get an email asking if I have done x, I'll reply to say yes and immediately get a frosty "well what about y and z" It's like she is looking to trip me up. It's causing me a lot of anxiety outside of work. A lot of the stuff she is asking for are things I couldn't possibly know without being briefed - but there's very little communication so I'm left to interpret and always seem to get it wrong.

Meanwhile my colleagues pick up on her dissatisfaction and look down on anything I do.

I feel bullied. To the extent I am keeping a record of actions. My manager is happy with my performance so I am especially baffled.

Another factor is they have all known each other ages so I am the outsider. They socialise a lot together so I wonder if it's escalated from there. But they always have socialised and this is only the past couple of months.

I suppose I could just ask the boss. But I don't really want to look whiny and needy. Do I just rise above it? It's hard cos I'm having to look up self help tips for anxiety, and dread every day at work. Finding new job isn't straightforward cos of being single mum working part time - I've been looking but don't see many opportunities and the risk of losing my salary is too great. Help!

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