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Lisa282820 Mon 10-Apr-17 23:47:37

When having a tipple I have only ever drank red wine however, I have been told each medium sized glass would be calorie wise similar to eating a doughnut!
Anyone have any good alternative ideas for me to try with less calories as I embark on what will enevitably be a boozy break away for the rest of my weeks holiday?

Bleurghghghgh Mon 10-Apr-17 23:54:11

Gin and diet tonic is virtually calorie free! Well not really. But lower. gin

Lisa282820 Tue 11-Apr-17 00:02:48

I've never had gin but know I don't like tonic so I guess I'll have to have it straight 😂

Bleurghghghgh Tue 11-Apr-17 01:04:13

Soda water works too!

I also like a white wine spritzer (with soda) in this weather. Really drinkable without being overly sweet and obviously less calorific as it's watered down

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