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Supply agency pay con

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Harvestmoonsobig Fri 07-Apr-17 14:43:01

New to agency work.

The agency offered two rates: one low rate if paid through their PAYE, second higher if paid through a third party payroll service.

It was not disclosed at the time that an additional deduction would made that in practice resulted in a lower payment than if I'd gone with the lower rate. angry

I went for the higher because it appeared that after an admin fee there seemed to be small financial incentive to accept the third party payroll option.

I raised my alarm/dissatisfaction/disgust with the business practice with both the supply agency and the payroll company. Both have stonewalled my enquiry and request for reimbursement.

I feel that the only way I could apply pressure for redress of loss of income is to work for another agency so force the current agency to address my grievance.

I am currently a highly valued worker in my current placement and could very possibly be taken on permanently, hence could be a lucrative cash cow for the agency. , I am also very happy in my current place and want to be there permanently.

I feel caught. Does anyone know of an alternative way of persuading the supply agency to properly address my grievance? I am out of pocket by £150.00.

FuckDietCoke Sat 15-Apr-17 19:10:00

So you're being paid through an umbrella/payroll company? If so, request to be paid PAYE and if possible, through the agencies payroll system that they pay their employees through (they'll probably try to say that they can't but push to be paid PAYE!)

The reason agencies offer a higher daily rate to you to be paid via a payroll company is so they don't have to pay NI. You'll also be charged a minimum amount to process your own wages! There is absolutely no benefit to you being paid by a payroll company anymore. I would consider switching agencies, they should have told you this and recommended you are paid PAYE as it's in your best interests. The only person that loses out in this situation is you.

Are you in a long term placement through your current agency? If so, be careful when going to work in the same school through a different agency.

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