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Mediation at police station

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WoopWoop200 Thu 30-Mar-17 10:36:34

Short version- fell out with neighbours 2yrs ago and have had no interaction with them since. For a year they've been leaving dog mess outside our front door. For a year we've just cleaned it up to save headache. Last week actually asked the woman to clean up after dog, politely. Husband comes knovking, speaking to us like crap, accusations, name calling etc. Woman comes out and starts shouting.
Police rung. I end up in hospital next day as i cant feel baby move after the ordeal (heavily pregnant).

So now.....We agree to mediation.
Has anyone done this before?
These people like to act nice and play victim. No one in the block likes them because of how selfish they are which isn't ideal in communal living when everyone else is considerate.


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