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Childcare issue

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user1490813924 Wed 29-Mar-17 20:49:00

About 18 months ago an incident happened at my childminders where my younger son (7 at the time) was being particularly rude to his childminder. The husband of the childminder grabbed his clothing and threatened him/told him off, he apparently had a butter knife in his other hand. My elder son (10 at the time) also witnessed this. I said and did nothing, not really sure if they had exaggerated. I also knew that my son had been misbehaving for a while and I had been issuing punishments at home in an attempt to stop it. He calmed down his behaviour after a few weeks. No other incidents with the husband happened again and I no longer use this woman as a childminder. Lately I have heard about the same man threatening and swearing at children on our estate. He also turned up at a neighbours door and was aggressive toward her. I'm now wondering if I should report what happened to my child? Should other parents be leaving their children with this woman when her husband is behaving in this way? Should this woman be a childminder if she is exposing them to this?

NapQueen Wed 29-Mar-17 20:50:03

Yes you should report it.

Frankly I am disgusted that you continued to send your child there after that incident.

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