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feeling very sad

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mermaidsvssuperhero Thu 23-Mar-17 11:27:49

It was my birthday on 19 March.
No-one from my work place, any parent-friends or most of my other friends remembered.
I work p/t and have been there for just under a year.
Most of the parent-friends I have known for between 1 - 2 years - say hi to and have to occasional coffee - swap child-care after school play-dates etc...
When people's birthdays are has come up in conversation before, as I know when other people's are...
I'm trying not to take it personally -
I just feel very sad that no-one said anything.
Not really much of a wwyd, i just needed a bit of a rant

bedouincheek Thu 23-Mar-17 11:51:31

Happy birthday cakeflowers
I wouldn't take it too personally. I am utterly awful with dates, and rely on my phone to remind me (even family membersconfused).
I'm sure people would be upset to know you were feeling down about it.

Perhaps next year, say youre going to bring in some birthday cake, asking if any dietary requirements (giving people a heads up in advance), or if appropriate, suggest going for a birthday coffee or something?

Don't think of it as a personal dig, they will have lots of things going on themselves. I bet if they celebrate others birthdays, they are mentioned beforehand.

mermaidsvssuperhero Thu 23-Mar-17 12:12:18

thanks bedouincheek -
there are other difficult things going on, so it could be it's everything combined that is not helping.
it's easier to put all my sadness on to the birthday thing and ignore other stuff.

Thanks too for the cake and flowers

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