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Bite or ignore?

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LorelaiGilmorethesecond Thu 23-Mar-17 04:23:43

Good old Facebook bitchiness!

Ex and I split 5 years ago. He doesn't see kids and we are no contact. Had to chase him for CMS arrears. Half paid within hours... no response. That's great with me! (Ended very bad terms).

But then SHE posts some crap on fb aimed at me.

I'm so angry I looked, I knew she would say something I am such an idiot.
I'm so annoyed, my kids and I suffered at his hands and she's still trying to get the world to hate me, years later!

Tempted to post some "meme" but I know that's childish etc. I have changed so much and just want to defend what my poor kids went through!

He hasn't even said anything, why does she have to stick her nose in? Eurgh

badhotfanny Thu 23-Mar-17 05:54:44

Rise above it flowers

BoysaDearyMe Thu 23-Mar-17 06:04:11

Silence is golden
Don't rise to the bait, or lower yourself to their level
Block and ignore, you're better than that

LorelaiGilmorethesecond Thu 23-Mar-17 06:44:04

You are both right! No response will give the biggest message.

Cheers 😊

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