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party parent politics!!

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battgirlatheart Mon 20-Mar-17 18:37:11

My soon to be 7 year old DS has special needs and goes to a special needs school. Class size is 9 children.
Moved to this area few months ago, he has been in the school since January and has made friends with all the children.
At the park last week or so and got talking to a mum, turns out her boy is in my sons class. She also tells me she is a parent governor. I also tell her about finding it hard to meet others in this area as lots of the children go to school on transport so I don't really get to meet other mums as they are not there when I take mine to school.
When I realised the childs name I said oh he is on the list for my DS birthday, said I had got the class name list and that they were going out the next day. I told her the day said it was a little short notice and sorry etc.
Send them out and she is the first one to ring me as soon as we got in from school to apologise that he couldn't make it and it was such a shame as they were such good friends and played so lovely at the park etc....
Also said sorry but they had arranged to go out that day already...fair enough
so over the past week, I have had one child say they can make it all the other parents are apologetically busy with plans already....again fair enough it was a little bit short notice and not as much as I like to give because my step son also shares the birthday and we were holding out for his mum to organise his birthday party first.
Today one of the mums texts me to say sorry her child can't come because it is boy in the parks birthday that day, didn't I know wasn't I going to the party etc....
now I get kids have the same birthday but only being 9 in a class makes it a bit more friendly, or least that is how it worked in his other school where we used to live.
I feel I need to say something because she had the chance to pre warn me before I sent invites, also the day I sent them, I could have sent a change of date out. It isn't about my child not being invited to her childs but do think it was strange given how she bleated on about how much her child likes mine etc.
I feel I need to say something as I don't find this very upfront or polite knowing that my child wouldn't have had the chance to have a lovely party with his new school friends.
End of the day I am angry and upset for the children as they could have had two parties to go to that week and with children with special needs they may not always be so included in these things and my previous experience has been we kind of stick together and are super supportive of the children.
I'm going to carry on as we have some family coming over and his best friend is coming so I am sure that is all he really cares about but I just feel a bit open mouthed in shock to be fair that this woman who is seemingly a woman of class, is the parent governor doesn't really act with class or even friendly.
just not entirely sure what to say other than all you had to be was honest and the kids in his class could have had twice the fun and my little one could have had a nicer birthday party on a different day.
I mean what would she have done if everyone cancelled her childs party to come to ours lol

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