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Forever home - seen wrong time !! Oh no

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ginorwine Mon 20-Mar-17 12:15:57

Seen our forever home
Detatched with view s
We love love our current 4 storey Vic terrace with sea view
Cost bomb to run but love it
Know in ten years wen we will be early n mid 60 s too much for us
Saw this one 20k over wit we can afford but have private buyer waiting for us to move as don't oft sell on our street
The detatched one no one moved for 30 years
I'd be devastated to leave our home but ... any thoughts ??? We plan to move in ten years !!

BackforGood Mon 20-Mar-17 15:34:32

Depends on how much you really love it, how flexible they are on price, how flexible your buyer is on price, how much the 'can't afford' is "don't really want to spend" or "have already stretched beyond the max and can't do anything else".

To all those people stuck in chains, the ideal of having a buyer waiting and a dream home to go to, sounds wonderful.

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