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My gs

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Worriedgranny Mon 13-Mar-17 18:06:33

Name changed for this. .
Just found out that my ex dil new bf has a conviction for drug dealing (7 years ago)
Contact with ds and gs is minimal as she seems keen to edge in bf to the position of df. Ds pays her maintenance through bank transfer every week - he has own home.
I have gs a day or 2 a week so she can work. I don't officially know she has a bf. She lives with her dm officially but at his 4 nights a week (3 with gs)
Wtf do I do now?
Do I let her know I know and risk her stopping me having gs?
So I encourage ds to seek legal advice?
Report to ss?
Keep out of it and worry myself sick every night that gs can access drugs or that they both indulge?
Or am I turning into a busy body?

icantthinkofamnusername Mon 13-Mar-17 20:25:11

Questions time:
Does your Ds know about the new bf?
Is the new bf still dealing/taking drugs or is there a slim possibility he has changed since his conviction? Bearing in mind it was 7 yrs ago.

However I can see where your coming from. I'd be worried sick too.
Do you know anyone who would know more about him?

What about nspcc? Have a chat and see if they can offer advice.

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