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EnglishFish Sun 12-Mar-17 11:56:14

I'm planning a move to Worthing as my DP has been offered a job there. We don't know the area, but keep seeing info online to avoid Durrington and East Worthing. I've seen good houses in these areas and looking at Sussex police crime data map, they don't seem much worse than other parts of the town.

So, I have two questions for any wise Worthingites...

1. Why do these areas have such bad reputations? Are there lots of muggings / attacks?
2. Are there particular estates/roads within these areas that should be avoided at all costs?

I'm particularly interested in properties east of the town centre near the sea and on the Goring and Durrington border.

All advice very much appreciated.


Sussexcoast Thu 16-Mar-17 07:33:47

I've lived in West Worthing for a while now (coming from Brighton). There are few places I wouldn't want to live. Virtually everywhere south of the railway is fine. The area directly north of Durrington station is a bit grim. But get a few roads away and all's well. The same with a couple of the roads north west of east Worthing station.

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