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Boyfriend still loves his ex?

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BrigiB Tue 14-Feb-17 00:42:34

Hey guys,
Okay, so I'd like to get some advice on this.

My boyfriend (who's also my baby daddy) had a 6-year relationship from when he was 16 years old (so she was his first love too).
When we got together and sometimes even after that he mentioned her and told me stories about her and even sang a song that he wrote to/about her. They also met up every once in a while before he met me.

Anyways I have a feeling that he's still not totally over her? Even though we live together and he wanted to start a family with me but somehow I still feel this way.. silly things like we were talking about 'tv crushes' and everyone he mentioned looks like that type of girl that she is..
And now that Valentine day is coming up I asked if he wants to celebrate it because I never celebrated it with anyone + we haven't before. was just an idea but he flat out turned it down so I was asking if he ever had celebrated it and of course it turns out he did with her but he doesn't want with me? Anyways I know it's just another day but it still feels odd :/
Sorry for the rant I'm just a bit undecisive of what to do and how do I even ask? 'Hey are you still have feelings for your ex?' No...
pls pls help!! sad

Sweets101 Tue 14-Feb-17 00:46:41

If he does they won't be based in reality, they split up for a reason.
If you would like to do valentine's day tell him upfront. See what he says.
How old is your baby?

MommaGee Tue 14-Feb-17 01:08:58

How long you been together?

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