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MummyLizH Sat 11-Feb-17 20:02:49

Not sure if this is the best place for this....but here goes!

I work part-time in financial services. I'm quite analytical and pretty good with Excel etc. However, at home I love being creative. I've really enjoyed making (in particular decorating) a few birthday cakes over the last year, sewing curtains and a few other bits and bobs.... But can't say I really want to pursue a career in either!

At the same time, we're hoping to save up some money to extend the house...

So I'm wondering, does anyone have any ideas of what I could do (on the side, but with potential to grow) to earn some extra cash and ideally satisfy my creative desire. Our just utilise my Excel skills.

I may be doing a few freelance reports for a local financial adviser but that may or not lead to anything, maybe £100 here and there...

Tia x

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