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3 year old badly behaved!!! At my wits end!!! Help

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greeneyedlulu Tue 07-Feb-17 21:37:34

My 3 year old boy keeps throwing these tantrums where he will bite, scratch, kick etc and I don't know how to get him to stop!! He's at nursery 2 afternoons and 1 full day and every time I'm told he's badly behaved where he hits other kids for no reason and lashes out at the staff when they try to tell him off.
My parents look after him when he's not at nursery, my dad collects him from there each time and my son recently threw a strop on the way home to the point that dad phoned me screaming at me to get my child, he's sick of putting up with him etc whilst I was stuck on the train home.
I've tried the naughty step, it didn't work! I've tried taking his toys away and when he knew he was naughty today he actually handed them over himself without argument..... shocking!!
Is this just a phase?? Is my child a demon??? I just don't know what to do!
Normally he's a good boy, helps me tidy up etc he's a bit cheeky sometimes but what 3 year isn't? But when these strops come on he won't stop until he's hurt me and continually comes back to me, or my dad, until he's managed to scratch.
I do think this is a phase but whilst I'm in the midst of it I can't see the light at the end the of the tunnel so any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Ilovecaindingle Mon 13-Feb-17 17:01:42

Do you work full time? My dd became challenging short term when I started working more hours and didn't do the school runs as much, make tea every night etc. Is he protesting due to not having as much time with you as he would like?

Mumto2uk Mon 13-Feb-17 18:06:17

Have you tried a marble jar? Worked amazing with my son when he went through a similar phase. Really really over praise good behaviour and every time he gets a marble in his jar, if he's naughty he had one taken out. When it's full he can pick a toy, or day out etc. Worth a try x

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