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Incapable of making a decision!

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Packergator Tue 07-Feb-17 13:22:31

We've been in our (rented) mid-terrace house for almost 13 years. It's far from perfect; run down 90s decor, holes in floors, expensive heating and council tax, recurring mould, worn carpets, tiny kitchen, garden which we can't really use as it's at a 45 degree angle...etc, etc. On top of that, the letting agent is about as useful as a trapdoor in a canoe. But, the location is naice; semi-rural and near to work and friends.

The opportunity has come up to rent another house nearer to town...not a major city by any means, think more like mid-size town. The house is end-terrace and is smaller, but has more, usable outside space front and back, is in a quiet cul-de-sac, has excellent transport links (bus/trains), is in catchment for 2 extremely good infant schools- our son is almost 2- and is nearer to my husbands' family, they currently look after him 1 day per week whilst we work. It's walking distance to the local train station/supermarket/shops/cinema. The town is only about 10 mins from where we are now. The house is older but recently completely gutted and refurbed. It has a much bigger kitchen, but slightly smaller lounge and bedrooms. It would add approx. 5-10 mins onto our respective morning commutes. The rent is £75 per month more expensive. It also doesn't have allocated parking. We'd be renting via a family friend who is in the Armed Forces and will be away on posting for the next 6 years so wants long-term tenants. We wouldn't have to deal with letting agents.

My heart says to move, but something is holding me back and I don't know what. We've had some bad experiences with noisy neighbours in our current place and I think that the fear that we'd be moving from the frying pan into the fire is part of it. Also, moving from a rural(ish) location back into town. It could also be that we've become 'settled' where we are and the upheaval of the move would put us off, even if it would be for the better. Also, the no parking is a bit of a potential problem. What would you do? Please put a rocket up my arse and decide for me!!

Packergator Tue 07-Feb-17 13:24:04

Sorry, forgot to add, the person who owns the house is in the Forces but doesn't live at the property when they're not on a posting, iyswim! They bought it specifically with the intention of renting it out; they already have a home.

PeachyImpeachment Tue 07-Feb-17 13:26:02

I don't know <helpful> grin

Are you fundamentally a countryside person or a townie?

Packergator Tue 07-Feb-17 13:51:35

I honestly don't know! I've lived in the country and in big cities. I have a bit of social anxiety; I generally don't like being around other people I don't know and I am very wary of people in general, which is why living in a village has always appealed. If I had my way I'd take my family to Iceland and live in a house in the middle of the lava fields! However, I think that my son would benefit from living somewhere with a bit more going on too. Do I stay in my comfortable, shitty house or dare to risk a change for a nicer house?

Chelsea26 Tue 07-Feb-17 14:04:48

Move - it's a no brainier!

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