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Noises in the night

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stirling Mon 06-Feb-17 03:21:16

It's 3 am and despite having started off this night sleeping deeply, I was bolt wide awake 15 minutes ago when I heard a loud sound in the house. Went straight to DCs room next door to see if one had fallen out of bed but no, both sleeping soundly. My neighbours (semi detached) are away - they usually are.

I've been separated for a year now, and in the process of going through a divorce. One of the things I find most difficult is feeling scared in the night and as I'm a light sleeper, I hear everything.

Friends have advised getting a dog but I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of pets. Especially dogs.

I bolt the front door every night, seal the letterbox, I lock the kitchen and living room doors...I don't activate the house alarm at night because I just think that if it did go off and it was a false alarm, I'd be too scared to go downstairs to switch it off and I'd disturb the entire suburban Street.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Plunkette Mon 06-Feb-17 03:34:35

It's probably just the house joints creaking and groaning. It's far more noticeable when you are nervous.

When my DH is away I find it much easier if I lock up as soon as the kids are in bed. Somehow the act of locking up just before bed makes me slightly anxious which is ridiculous as it's me that locks up when he is here!

The other thing that helps is not to have house in complete darkness. Leave a little lamp on in the downstairs & upstairs hallway.

I lived on my own quite happily before I was with DH but I've got out of the habit I think.

user1477282676 Mon 06-Feb-17 03:39:21

You should definitely activate the alarm. That's what they're for! They don't go off by accident usually. If it did then tough! We;ve all been woken once or twice by someone's's just one of those things.

The best way to combat this fear is to make sure your house is super secure. Doors and windows with good locks, no bushes or trees to conceal them from the road....burglars love bushes and trees as it helps them to break in.

But it sounds like you're overly anxious. Have you got anyone to talk about it all with?

atheistmantis Mon 06-Feb-17 03:48:21

It could have been a noise in your dream?

anklebitersmum Mon 06-Feb-17 04:13:27

Pop the telly on timer and drift back off.

[warm milk]

stirling Mon 06-Feb-17 11:57:46

Hello everyone - thank you for all the replies and good advice. Its very much appreciated. I wasn't expecting any replies in the middle of the night!

Plunkette Mon 06-Feb-17 13:05:02

Happy to help.

Lots of MNers don't live in the U.K. Stirling I answered at a 9:30pm my time!

Added to which there's always someone up feeding a baby!

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