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If you felt awkward about what you were buying after realising one of your children's teachers was behind you in the queue at the supermarket?!

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Rivanshine Mon 30-Jan-17 20:39:25

OK, so maybe I'm overthinking this one but.......

Just popped out to Lidl's to get a few things (top-up shop if you will) and saw an offer on some wine I like and haven't had in I picked up 3 bottles to store away in the cupboard for another time.

Thought I was onto a winner until I'd paid and started to walk away from the checkout and realised that one of my children's teachers was after the person after me in the queue sad Probably thinks I'm a right old wino now!!

Gah - I feel soooooo stupid! Why oh why did I pick up THREE bottles??

Anyone else had this happen to them? If so, was anything said or inferred etc. later on? Am I just being super-paranoid?

I feel like such a tit. Bugger sad

ImperialBlether Mon 30-Jan-17 20:40:48

Look, if she's a teacher she's going to be drinking twice as much as you anyway. Chances are she went back for a few of those bottles herself.


Celaena Mon 30-Jan-17 20:42:25

totally over thinking
you might be putting them away as they are on offer
you might be having/going to a party
you might be picking them up for someone else
you might be buying a gift

isthistoonosy Mon 30-Jan-17 20:42:38

If they saw you at all I expect they thought, bugger looks like I've missed a wine offer, should I run back for wine 🍷

Unless they have a reason to suspect you drink a lot of wine on a Monday I doubt it would cross their mind it was for tonight.

Lapinlapin Mon 30-Jan-17 20:44:12

You're just being paranoid!

The teacher was probably just as concerned you'd judge her on the contents of her basket.

And for what it's worth, 3 bottles of wine wouldn't register as something to be embarrassed about. I'd either think you were stocking up or having a dinner party. I doubt anyone would think you were going home to drink them all yourself!

wobblywonderwoman Mon 30-Jan-17 20:44:14

Honestly, I would think 'lucky sod' and I am a teacher

Flyingprettycretonnecurtains Mon 30-Jan-17 20:44:53

All the teacher is doing is trying to inch towards half term while maintaining some semblance of sanity. She won't care and out of context may not have recognised you or was praying that you wouldn't see the crap/ ten bottles of wine in her trolley.

TizzyDongue Mon 30-Jan-17 20:45:10

I doubt she thought much. Unless you were drunk the time or dropoff/pick up at school drunk.

Rivanshine Mon 30-Jan-17 20:52:42

Phew - thanks everyone! flowers

Isn't is terrible though when we do this to ourselves sometimes? confused

Over-thinking & worrying begone! grin

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Mon 30-Jan-17 20:52:52

Outside of MN, nobody is interested in what you have in your basket!

Badders123 Mon 30-Jan-17 20:55:32

Unless it was crystal meth I think you're good

TiredAndRavenous Tue 31-Jan-17 16:23:27

I'm a teacher, I'm with children all day, I like wine.

A lot lol

noblegiraffe Tue 31-Jan-17 16:37:42

3 bottles of wine is nothing, how do you think teachers get through their marking?

Salumeria Tue 31-Jan-17 16:41:49

Ha ha, I did this once to one of my DC's (very young, NQT) teachers. I by chance had quite healthy stuff in my basket, DC's teacher had sweets, gin and tonic, chocolate, crisps and a trashy magazine.
DC ran enthusiastically up to say hello, and she glanced quickly down at her basket and blushed.
Disclaimer - obviously I don't actually care what DC's teacher - who is fabulous by the way, has in her shopping basket, I just thought it was funny grin.

JaxingJump Tue 31-Jan-17 16:44:22

What the heck?? Seriously you are concerned about this? I wouldn't give a flying fuck if I was buying 3 cases and a teacher saw me. Why on earth do you think they will think you are a wino????

JaxingJump Tue 31-Jan-17 16:45:26

Just to add I usually do buy cases on wine, a few at a time. And I barely drink wine but dinner guests do and I use it for gifts visiting people.

QueenofLouisiana Tue 31-Jan-17 21:44:11

As the teacher,I'd be trying to hide my gin and the loo roll or tampons...

I know everyone buys loo roll and lots of people buy tampons, but I don't feel the need to share these things with my class or their parents!

goldopals Wed 01-Feb-17 08:10:32

I regularly see parents of my students in shops and do not care one bit nor do I notice. I'm more concerned about the contents of my shopping and go in practically every day.

Any time I buy anything, I'm served by students... Processed food galore. Even worse, whenever I buy tampons some how there's only male students working and in forced to buy a lot so they don't think overly much

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