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Bullying children

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Mummmmmmy Mon 23-Jan-17 21:05:27

So caught 5 children in a soft play area aged between approx 3 and 7 sat in a circle around my little girl who has just turned 3. They thought they were hidden from view but I frequently look to see what she's up to amd where she is... They were all taking it in turn to slap her in the face... she was just sat there looking bewildered and confused as to why they were doing it. I ran straight over and shouted what did they think they were all doing so they all looked shocked like opps we've been caught and ran away. The two seemingly ring leaders two little boys who appeared to be brothers and aged approx 3 and 6 ran to their mum who was sat near us they were crying as i had shouted and the eldest boy sat on his mums knee and started slapping her!! She acted as if nothing had happened and said how do you know they've done anything whilst giving me dirty looks (I saw everything very clearly).

So mad if my child had been caught doing that I would be mortified and make the child appologise and tell the child off not have them slap me and then stick up for them!!

Ended up walking off as was so angry and wanted to avoid a confrontation but wish I'd said more now....

My little girls face is all red, I really just told her they are very naughty and to make sure she tells me straight away next time...

I'm now worried this sort of behaviour is common and dread her going to school.

How would others have dealt with this other than walking off not sure what else I could have done angryconfused

Ilovecaindingle Tue 24-Jan-17 15:26:22

Good for you for telling them off!! Too many people are of the 'not their place to' it was your child and you saw them do it. Not an accusation. A fact. His dm was atrocious tho prob thought she was having a break from him while he was bashing someone else. And IF the lad had any issues that contributed to him being a bullying little shit then dm should have been inches away from him supervising his behaviour. Your poor dd.

smilingsarahb Tue 24-Jan-17 15:33:11

Can I add that I don't think that is common behaviour at all. Lots of rough and tumble, lots of one child to doing a frustrated kick or push but a group taking turns to slap isn't something I've encountered. I'd be quite worried about what the ring leader if that was exposed to at home. Hope your daughter is ok

skyblu Tue 24-Jan-17 20:28:04

OMG this sounds awful!!?!
I've never encountered anything like this at any soft play area/group or anywhere..and I've raised 2xDSD's and a DS.

I'm quite speechless!
Well done for telling them off & I'd definitely report that this happened to the soft play management team.

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