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WWYD? I need your "creative" ideas

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trickynicky Fri 20-Jan-17 10:18:28

Hi all
I have been asked to attend a team building course that no-one in my team wants to attend including me. We have to produce, in advance of the training, a visual poster (no words necessary) that depicts how we see ourselves in our role at work. What I want to say and what I think I ought to say are different things. In short, I'm feeling:
overwhelmed, underpaid, under-appreciated, time constrained
and I also would love to say (pictorially) "stop wasting my time with bloody stupid team building meetings".... and to my boss "stop delegating all the shit to me"

However, my boss will be there and also a new staff member who has been hired to help me so I don't want to come across as toooo negative.
I do want to be somewhat honest though... but I need a balance. Any ideas on suitable pics (can be more than one) :-)

Any thoughts/ideas?

MoonlightandMusic Sat 21-Jan-17 00:04:44

You could split the poster into "current" (all the negatives) and "future" (much better and including your new support and your team). Then plan some 'how we could achieve this' options and use those to build a discussion on how to make the shiny bright new future actually happen. Make sure you drive the point about any 'take-aways' from the team-building being achievable. So often people go to these and are either entirely disengaged or, worse, become engaged on the day, but this falls away as soon as everyone's back in work and reality gets in the way of achieving anything that was discussed on the away day. If you make sure there is a weekly/monthly target set, and meetings booked in to discuss progress in "RL" for the key items, you might find there is some improvement in the working environment, and morale, after the session.

Good luck either way - it's tough improving morale, particularly when yours is low too.

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