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Strong drug smell in flat

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JonSnowsWhore Mon 16-Jan-17 10:38:06

So I live in a small block (6 flats) and only recently there's been a strong smell of cannabis in the communal area, and coming in to my flat. I've spoken to my housing association who sent a letter to all tenants reminding them that drugs are illegal etc, but it's not stopped. Before it was mainly the smell of weed being smoked, but today it smells like fresh weed if you know what I mean?
Now I don't care what people choose to do with their lives that's completely up to them, but when it affects me & my kids it does piss me off. We shouldn't have to live with the smell of someone else's habit.
The housing aren't being helpful they say it's a police matter, I've reported dealing before on a previous property and the police did nothing so can't see they'd be interested this time, what the hell can I do? I can't be 100% sure which flat it's coming from, should I put a note on the communal door? Not that I expect them to have much compassion for the neighbours but might make them think twice if they know people are on to them & not happy about it?

JonSnowsWhore Mon 16-Jan-17 12:54:19

Bumping so doesn't get lost

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