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How to decorate our sons room?

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kel12345 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:01:07

We are going to be decorating our little boys room within the next week or so.
He's 16 months old and quite likes paw patrol. My dh thought it would be nice to give his room a theme, and said we could do it all in paw patrol (bed, toy organiser, lamp and light shade, rug, curtains, bedding, cushion. And maybe get wallpaper for the feature wall and paint the rest blue.
I suggested keeping it simpler with blue paint all round, a normal non branded or charactered toddler bed, normal blue curtains. Then maybe just mix and match the other bits bits (light shade and lamp, rug, toy storage- say paw patrol lamp and light shade, Thomas rug. And then he could have a paw patrol bedding set, as well as a different one- Thomas for example. Just so it's not all one character. He could also have plain bedding and stuff as well, doesn't all need to be a certain character).

I can understand where he's saying (I had my whole room barbie when I was a child). But my reasons for saying no are: it will be more expensive, we are living in a rented student house and don't know how many years we will actually live here- we have another year and a half so far, this may extend or may not- depending on circumstances- so is it worth spending all that extra money if we do end up moving out next year? And if we do stay, though he likes paw patrol now, in 3 or 4 years time he may not. Then what do we do if he wants his room changing?
Whereas if we keep it simpler with nice boy colours and a variety of branded things, it will be cheaper, and if we do move next year it won't be as much of a shame to leave it behind. The other thing is we have to get permission from the landlord to decorate a different colour. He's pretty relaxed and we have a good relationship with him, and he probably won't object to a nice blue colour (and not say we need to repaint- though we will if needs be), but if it's wallpapered with paw patrol, we will defiantly have to redecorate before we do move out.

Who's making the better suggestion, me or my husband? WWYD?

Cheerybigbottom Fri 13-Jan-17 22:09:23

I have done as you suggest. We decorated our boys room all pale blue with stick on nursery characters when he was 6 months. Pine furniture, and dark blue curtains.

He's 5 now and last September we repainted the room in the pale blue, bought new single divan bed. On Amazon bought space themed matching headboard, pop up tent, bedding and stick on border and large wall stickers. The range all matched and looks ace, those items all cost about £80.

Dark blue curtains still fine. New rocket clock & bedside lamp from nana. So we redid his room for £80.

I imagine in 5 years time we take the stickers off, repaint, get new headboard and re-theme it. No fuss, low cost, no bloody wallpaper lol.

kel12345 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:13:51

That's the thing cheery- I don't want it to all be one character. I'd prefer him to have a fun room with all different characters (paw patrol lamp, Thomas rug, fireman Sam toy storage.. You get the idea). Mix it up so its not all one character.

whatsthebigdeal Fri 13-Jan-17 22:18:36

i wouldn't go for a character theme, give it 6 months to a year and he will be into something different!
We did my sons room, 3 walls white, 1 wall a feature wall blue
Blue and white furniture
Plain blue black out curtains
Plain blue lampshade

Then added character duvet, character cushion, character poster in a frame

So much easier and cheaper to change the theme and looks just as cute!
Plus sometimes having everything "character" can look a bit fussy and ott

Cheerybigbottom Fri 13-Jan-17 22:21:59

Even a room which starts off themed will end up a jumble, our kids got a minion clock, pink dream catcher and pirate dressing up rail. I don't care if nothing matches. He just loves space, he wanted buzz lightyear room but I didn't want it to be about one character.

Posters, stickers, bedding sets are all easy removable ways to change the characters in a room without needing patterned wallpaper/curtains/lampshade. Just stick to block colours around the room.

Isadora2007 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:24:34

Yeah I'd say paw patrol isn't really popular past 4/5... possibly 3/4 for some kids.
I'd do as you're suggesting though maybe stick to paw patrol bits and bobs if that is his main love. But if he likes Thomas and fireman Sam etc then your idea is fine.

Starlight2345 Fri 13-Jan-17 22:29:34

I would do a couple of stick arounds but thing like quilt cover something like space dinosaurs, something he will like. My Ds had Thomas with stick arounds. We ended up going with a digger theme ..
I also would avoid the wallpaper.

hellooscar Fri 13-Jan-17 23:09:25

I wouldn't do a character room. We've done for are 14 moth old boy Grey stars with blue and white as the colour scheme. Using the bedding from mamas and papas Millie and boris range which is also stars. We've kept the walls quite plain apart from some prints in frames (could do some paw patrol ones) and photos from his photoshoots. This way it's easy to adapt what's going on in the room. We've kept all the walls white so if we wanted to change it you just change what's in the room.
He has taken over the living room with all the bright coloured toys as it is 😂.

skyblu Mon 16-Jan-17 18:56:03

I would keep wall colours & furniture plain (colours only) and I'd theme the room with easily changeable things....duvet cover, light shade, I'd hang pictures on the wall where the contents can be swapped etc...then as he discovers other 'fave' things, it can be swapped over/replaced without the upheaval of having to re-decorate, replace expensive things or having a complete mis-match in between.

In fact, I do this around my whole house!
E.g. Lounge walls, curtains, wooden floor & furniture all neutral & then colour theme is injected in the accessories (cushions, blanket, coasters, candles, rug etc....all can be replaced (sold on) if I fancy a change without massive upheaval & cost).

Maybe I'm just lazy.....hmm

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