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U.K. or Australia

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CraftyMumma123 Fri 13-Jan-17 12:53:07

My husband and I lived in Sydney for 8 years. We went traveling ending up there and stayed much longer than planned and got our Ozzie passports.
Then we had our son and when he got to a year old we made the move back to the U.K. to be closer to family. Due to work instead of moving somewhere coastal like Brighton/Margate (as we'd planned for our new uk life) we've ended up staying where our flat is in a nice part of north London. It's been a hard year and I've been diagnosed with anxiety and low depression, something I've never suffered from before. We've seen my family who live 2.5 hours away a few times and my husbands family a bit more often but only recently has it been on a much more friendly basis - they've been disappointed in us not having a 'better' plan with regards to jobs and I think initially our return was more of a hassle than a pleasure.
We've just had a little baby girl. I don't have friends with children here, just uni friends who are lovely but not around during the weekdays when I'm most lonely. My husband works long hours and isn't around mornings or evening late until 9pm +.
We're now facing the decision of whether to stay here or to return to Sydney.
Do you see much of your family or get any help? Had anyone else lived in both countries and had to make this choice? I think we could get little bits of help here and there but not regular care with kids. Overall we were more relaxed in Sydney and enjoyed being outdoors and being warmer! There's definitely more going on here in the uk activity-wise and culture wise and there is family for an emergency situation. Obviously living in Oz means our two kids wouldn't have such a bond with grandparents, however our parents are totally aware and understand we may return to our Ozzie life.
What would you do.. !?
Thanks so much for any words of wisdom and thoughts smile)

user1477282676 Fri 13-Jan-17 13:21:18

I chose to move to Australia with my Australian DH and our two children who were 11 and 7 when we moved....after 12 years of living in the UK with DH and little to do with my family, I just felt that Oz had far more to offer on many levels.

We've been here a year now and I don't regret my choice at all. Obviously I have some Mum was very upset. I used to see her once a week and she loves my children but she has three other children all with kids so I've not deprived her of her only grandchildren or anything.

My DH's family are a lot more hands they take my DC out and have them for sleepovers. I'm not judging my family's just how they are. They never get together or anything and my sisters are both too busy to meet up for coffees or shopping like I see other siblings do.

It played a big part in my choice to emigrate....the fact that my immediate family weren't a big part of my children's life.

Australia feels safer somehow...the housing is better and simpler to deal with.

CraftyMumma123 Mon 16-Jan-17 19:03:51

Thanks so much for your message.
That's great you've made the move and love it, and that you've got your husband's Ozzie family there too smile
Ours are the first grandchildren both sides and all family in the U.K. ... but then again you've got to do what makes you happy huh..
it's a good lifestyle that's for sure! Enjoy the sunshine - we've got drizzle and dark afternoons right now hmm

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