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Should I try again or is it creepy?

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LittleMermaidRose Fri 06-Jan-17 13:09:22

I met my childhood friend when I was 6 years old - we're 26 now. We were really good friends for all of primary & high school, until the very last year of high school when we started to drift apart. No fall outs or anything, we just seemed to be going our separate ways, & then she got a job overseas. We didn't have very much contact after that. just a few comments or emails on Facebook.

I see her occasionally when she's visiting back home, but only when she pops into the shop I work at (she always asks other staff members to get me so she can speak to me personally).

Last time I seen her she told me she would be in town for 3 months, so I asked if she would like to meet up for lunch/coffee. She said she would love to & we agreed to arrange it over Facebook as I had to get back to work.
I emailed her that same day & I she never replied, so a week later I gave her a call. She sounded absolutely thrilled that I had called her (something I was quite nervous about doing as it had been so long) & we had a good chat for around 30 mins. She told me she would be free all the next week so I was to let her know what day worked for me best (once I got my shifts for the next week).

I couple days after the phone call I texted her saying I was free any day - no reply.
Another few days later I texted again (cause I thought maybe she just didn't get my message), but still no reply.

I spoke to one of our mutual friends about it & she said "oh she's really bad for not replying to texts, she does that to me too, just text her again".

So a couple of weeks later I did, & I still didn't get a reply.

I'm not sure what to do..
I would really like for us to catch up properly, we really were great friends! I understand maybe she's just very busy atm but I don't know why she would ignore my texts. I'm feeling quite hurt by this.

I thought perhaps she was just being polite in saying she would like to meet up properly, but then I don't know why she would make the effort to stop by my work to chat if she didn't want to see me.

I don't want to seem desperate or creepy by sending another text.
What would you do?

Imnotaslimjim Fri 06-Jan-17 13:12:35

If you've been told she's terrible with texts, ring her again. I prefer texting as I'm not great on the phone but some people prefer phone calls. Just give her a ring and say "I'm free here, here or here, shall we go for coffee?"

Ilovecaindingle Tue 10-Jan-17 19:50:14

Was her job overseas a huge deal /achievement for her? Think so - because she seems thrilled with the response to her flitting visits and all the attention she gains by her grand arrivals and gestures then is gone again. . .
Maybe if she stood still long enough for you to reinstate your friendship you might find out her lifestyle isn't that exciting after all and she may be embarrassed she isn't what she had seemed!

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