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Temporary accommodation

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bettybookam Wed 04-Jan-17 13:35:45

Advice please...
I've been placed in temp accommodation with my 9 month old son and I'm also 21 wks pregnant.. Due to a few issues (too long to get into) I had to do this through the housing..

I am miles away from family & friends (so I rarely see them) To add to that I have to Carry my heavy son up and down the stairs as no lift.. (Wouldn't mind but the strain isn't good when pg)
Anyway there is bad mould Which is spreading everywhere across the flat.. It smells and is worse everyday. I have been on at the council and the estate agents but they have done nothing.. Apparently they painted over a neighbours but mine is way worse!! It's not healthy and Ive just been ignored.. Super worried for my sons health and it's looking likely I'll be here when the next arrives... Any advice would be appreciated as it seems I have no rights at all..
Thanks x

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