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Unwanted Xmas gift

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Verbena37 Wed 28-Dec-16 13:37:40

Ok so I admit this is a very 1st world problem but wondering what to do about what MIL bought me for Xmas.

MIL hates choosing what to get people and always asks either for a specific item I want or a list she can choose from.

So a couple of months ago, I gave a very simple list of three things that were not I the least bit expensive or difficult to purchase.
When they came to visit us last week, along with the wrapped present, she handed me two of the items on the list unwrapped as 'extras'. Strange thought I because then I kind of thought I knew what the wrapped gift was.

So I open up the wrapping on Xmas morning to find a totally unrelated item not on my list that she had chosen.....only it's really not me and a very strange thing to buy someone if you aren't sure they'll like it.

It's a very nice, well known shop brand but having googled it, it no longer is for sale and only comes up on eBay type I'm assuming she got it from a department store or outlet village type place who were getting rid of old stock.

When I see her later this week, I know she will say if I like it.
Lie and say I like it but If I do this, she might think it's a go to option for other present buying occasions.
Say I'm not keen and could she or I change it?
Something else?

skyblu Wed 28-Dec-16 23:22:13

To me, this sounds a bit like she might have 're-gifted' something that she's been given or won, to you. Sounds like she might have thought 'No good to me but I think DIL might like/use this...wonder if it's ok to give this to her for Xmas... I'll just get a couple of things on the side/that I know she wants, just to be safe' (& so shes still spent money on you).

I'd be gracious and say I like it & thank her (but I wouldn't gush about it/go overboard) but I would also add something like "and thank you SO much for the extra's, you didn't need to do that but I really appreciate it as I was desperate for X / really needed Y" and be slightly more gushy about the hope that next year that encourages her to go from list again.

Only1scoop Wed 28-Dec-16 23:26:11

So she gave you exactly what you asked for AND wrapped up something extra that you don't like?

How about just 'thank you very much for the gifts'?

frauleinsallybowles Wed 28-Dec-16 23:29:04

just out of curiosity what were the extra gifts??

BertrandRussell Wed 28-Dec-16 23:35:47

So you gave her a list of three and she gave you two of them. Your problem is?

Verbena37 Thu 29-Dec-16 20:54:40

Gosh, I wasn't ungrateful that she had bought me them. I merely meant she only needed to have wrapped up a couple of the list items for me an no more. She is definitely not a re-gifter.

The extra gifts were a magazine and a mini box of Macarons. I really would have been quite happy with those.

The 3rd item I said on the list was a box of all in all if she had bought me all three, it wouldnt have been more than about a tenner in total. I don't need anything really so thought I'd give items that could be eaten or read and not wasted. I was trying to be helpful so she didn't spend her usual £25 on something I didn't really need or want.

Anyway, I thanked her today and she didn't ask anything.
So I'll just keep it and not use it.

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