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Taking kids to unwell relatives over christmas?

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Apfelbunny Mon 26-Dec-16 11:42:19

Just curious where I should put my foot down here, or whether to just go with it...
We're due to visit some relatives for a couple of days and over christmas we were told one of them was in bed with a fever, now I've got a toddler and a young baby (who, if they have a fever can't get their next lot of immunisations in a week or so as scheduled)

Apparently the fever is beginning to go, but we're due to go up tomorrow.
Do we still go and keep the peace?
Or do we not go to avoid potential risks to the baby's health?

IWantATardis Mon 26-Dec-16 13:21:38

We were in a similar position this year. Our youngest isn't old enough for his first vaccinations yet, was a bit poorly about a fortnight ago, has currently got a mild cold (thanks to his older siblings), and will have very little reserves if he does pick up something nasty from sickly relatives.

We chose to stay at home away from the potentially contagious relatives.

The relatives have made it clear that they think we're being ridiculously overprotective and that they think we've ruined Christmas.

So I have sympathy with your problem, but be prepared for them to take it badly if you stay away.

Pandamanda3 Mon 26-Dec-16 13:27:38

Op take it from me both myself & youngest dc have weakened amunity and have been given bug by relative for xmas, if it's what we have stay away your dc's and yourself are more important
This bug virus we all have is horrific we have been in bed for days fever chills tummy ache cough, cold it's not worth it I promise you.
You protect your dc's and stand your ground.

If they can't understand it's there problem not yours.

Good luck & best wishes to u x

expatinscotland Mon 26-Dec-16 15:06:07

NO, just don't! If they have a problem, it's THEIRS.

Apfelbunny Mon 26-Dec-16 15:48:36

Well, apparently the ill one sounds fine on the phone and won't be in direct contact with the Im very much out numbered.
I can protect my children and ruin things for the family or I please the relatives and hope there really wasn't anything to worry about.
The only other alternative I've been offered is for me and baby to stay home and husband will go with the toddler (toddler will inevitably catch something off friends anyway I guess)

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