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Xmas and birthday gifts

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lorralorraloren Sun 25-Dec-16 21:52:42

I just need to rant TBH. One of my extended family has only bought for one of my kids this year. I buy for all of hers (six) and only half of them are actually blood relations. She hasn't bought for my dsc who have lived with me for nearly four years. Presents have been sporadic for mine but I've always put it down to her life being mega hectic with all the children. However NONE of mine have received birthday presents this year just posts on FB wall. I can't approach this with her because she's very volatile and would just cause a huge row. I don't want to put a passive aggressive FB status because it's childish. I feel like I'm the one doing all the giving sad

madgingermunchkin Sun 25-Dec-16 21:55:31

Stop buying for hers. Problem solved.

lorralorraloren Sun 25-Dec-16 21:57:44

I guarantee that would cause a kick off confused

Madshiplollipop Sun 25-Dec-16 21:58:33

Stop anyway.

Madshiplollipop Sun 25-Dec-16 22:01:00

How "extended "? If she's not your sister or your partner's sister then why are you doing it?

Madshiplollipop Sun 25-Dec-16 22:04:33

I mean, why this obligation? Frankly even a sister that behaves as you say can go and whistle for it. Make a donation to Barnado's or Save the Children next year and dare her to kick off.

DinosaursRoar Sun 25-Dec-16 22:05:00

Let it kick off.

New Years resolution- stop worrying about the feelings of people who don't worry about yours.

lorralorraloren Sun 25-Dec-16 22:05:06

Because half of her kids are my blood relations sad

Madshiplollipop Sun 25-Dec-16 22:09:56

I have a gazillion blood relations. I don't buy presents for them all. I don't get it.

lorralorraloren Sun 25-Dec-16 22:11:51

Obligation I suppose. Will just have to put my big girl pants on next year and send tiny token gifts (it's not the kids fault is it) I stopped buying for her an annual box of chocs because she for some reason stopped the year before for me and my DP

Madshiplollipop Sun 25-Dec-16 22:14:35

There is no obligation. It's nice to buy a token for those you are close to but, frankly, unless you are utterly unaffected by the financial slump, it's just daft to do it for everyone.

lorralorraloren Sun 25-Dec-16 22:17:07

I'm just insulted I suppose. And I know for a fact if it were the other way around she would go fucking mental

madgingermunchkin Sun 25-Dec-16 22:38:40

Just stop. If she says anything then just reply "oh I'm sorry, as we haven't received any for the past year/18 months/however long, we assumed that we weren't doing gifts any more."

Then ignore. And grow a bit of a back bone.

DoosyFartlek Sun 25-Dec-16 22:46:47

Just post happy birthday on her wall when it's her kids birthdays.

Then at xmas give one single family gift.

DoosyFartlek Sun 25-Dec-16 22:47:30

'Oh I just assumed you'd gone off gift buying'

lorralorraloren Sun 25-Dec-16 22:58:41

One family gift - good idea!

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