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Pressie ideas

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wobblyeverything Wed 21-Dec-16 22:27:59

Plllllleeeaaasssseee help...I need to get my Mum a nice present...I have a budget of £50. It's been a bit of a crappy year so just want to get something that will lighten her mood up a bit. I'm trying to stay away from clothing / household stuff / perfumes.

BackforGood Thu 22-Dec-16 00:59:33

Tickets for something she'd like to see (theatre, concerts, sports, a gig)?
Voucher for afternoon tea (or a few afternoon teas with that budget) ?

WyeNot Thu 22-Dec-16 01:14:38

Does she have a charm bracelet, like Pandora? If so, a charm might be nice. Or a nice scarf and gloves set (not matchy matchy but complementary ones). A nice bag or purse. One year when I was stuck for ideas I did a 'pamper package' with some nice pyjamas, bottle of wine, and various nice bathtime products from TKMaxx, and presented them in a basket.

wobblyeverything Thu 22-Dec-16 11:32:45

Thank you both! That's some lovely ideas...afternoon tea and a maybe a little gift from TK max. I like the idea of mixing and matching it up a bit too x

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