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Getting more annoyed the more I think!

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AngryBird1 Tue 20-Dec-16 08:46:06

Basically, DP let me know my Christmas presents early last night (I did bug him constantly, i'm not good at surprises and I itch to know. Anyway, it's one lovely big present and some vouchers for my favourite skincare store.

A few days ago I got an e-mail from the store with an offer that I didn't normally get, DP had given them my name and they advised they would send an e-mail but without making it obvious that he'd bought me the vouchers.

He said 'oh I checked your e-mails a couple of days ago to check the e-mail they sent, I didn't want them to spoil your surprise'. This would be OK if he didn't have a history of snooping!

When we first got together, he checked my phone when I was drunk and in bed one night and saw messages from people i'd messaged when single and mentioned them the next day. Another time a few weeks later when an old flame messaged asking how I was, I replied 'I'm well, I hope you are too. I'm now very happily in a relationship' and again, he mentioned that out of the blue. Confirming he'd obviously had a look again. DP denies it saying he saw it whilst I was playing on my phone which is bullshit, i'd never open them messages again and definitely not with him there!

The more I think the more I get annoyed, he's either looked in my phone again OR has logged in (he could probably guess my password, it's the same for everything!) there's private things on there, his presents i've ordered, my bank/credit card statements, e-mails from my employer! Just seems a bit... invasive? sad

What do I do, do I say something? There's nothing on there for him to get upset with but that isn't the point.

catchyjem Wed 11-Jan-17 17:46:34

Change your passwords.

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