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Doctor gave me the wrong results!

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pootleperkinandposy22 Thu 15-Dec-16 17:25:57

Hi all, I'm posting here and in general health too...
I had a uterine scan early in the year and GP read the report to me. She read that I had a polyp and a fibroid and said they were tiny, think mm not cm.
At my first Gynae consultation (this week) I was told the results of my second scan - 'Atypical fibroid, cannot rule out malignancy' and advised a hysterectomy in the new year. He has arranged for an MRI as he was suprised as it was now more than 6 cm diam. and concerned that it had grown that much, so he rang to check with the hospital who did the first scan. Today I received a letter telling me that my fibroid was not small on the first scan but over 6cm!
My question is what am I supposed to do about it? I just don't know what happened...
I first saw my GP (who was lovely btw) at the beginning of the year and after this first scan she also referred me for a hysteroscopy as I was worried, which was fine too. I was advised to have a Mirena for the heavy bleeding!
Luckily at the same time, my GP also referred me to a incontinence clinic for pelvic floor exercises (didn't get an appointment until October though) and they picked up that I was retaining urine and referred me to a urologist who scanned, found nothing and finally referred me to a Gynae!!
I have been really upset and worried I just don't know what's going on it's been nearly a year since I first approached the gp. Am I supposed to speak to the GP/Hospital? what's the point? what if the delay has caused massive problems? The Gynae does say that as it hasn't grown that is a really good sign...
I would be really grateful for any thoughts -I don't really know what I'm asking to be honest!

Softkitty2 Sat 17-Dec-16 14:16:24

To be honest i would ask them to start again as i feel i do not trust any of the results, in terms of accuracy, iyswim?
If they won't agree ask to speak to your gp and ask him to explain everything to you from the beginning and for him to tell you in the face that they certain those results are yours.

pootleperkinandposy22 Sun 18-Dec-16 08:12:25

Thank you softkitty2. I hadn't even considered that they might be someone else's results shock. I was originally referred for ? ovarian cancer (which was ruled out!) so this is really worrying.
Thankfully the MRI is next week so at least I will know for sure (assuming there are no more mistakes).
The Gynae consultant has suggested a Hysterectomy in the new year.

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