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My 7yo daughter wants to wax her arms - is that even allowed??

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MGKJLW Wed 14-Dec-16 19:40:25

MY 7 yo daughter (nearly 8) really dislikes her hairy arms and is desperate to remove the hair. We have always said that it didn't matter and that hairy arms were quite normal. She's looked in the pre-teen books and discovered that legs and underarms can be shaved and asked us if she could shave, we obviously explained that that would not be a good idea as she would have stubbles and then explained that waxing would be better but that this wasn't allowed.

However, this has gone on for about a year now and she won't let it rest. As far as we know she's not being teased about it but she's now at the stage where she doesn't want to remove her top because of her arms. To be fair, her arms are quite hairy (much more so than mine, for instance) but as it is sort of a mid-blond/brown it is not something you immediately notice but when you stroke it, it is like a little pelt.

I originally said to her that I would take her to a salon to get a wax when she was a teenager but she goes on and on about it. I am not even sure whether waxing would be allowed, assuming she could deal with the pain, and don't want us to start on a slippery slope of self-'improvement' at this tender age, on the other hand I can't dismiss what is a genuine source of distress. Anyone been in the same situation or can offer any advice?

Mumto2uk Wed 21-Dec-16 21:04:56

There are really good hair removal creams out there, I would look at that instead of shaving. I had hairy arms at that age and it really knocked my confidence and I was so embarrassed. I did shave my arms and for some strange reason the hair never grew back and to this day I haven't a single hair on my arms 😦 Howver, I have known others who have shaved their arms and it came back thicker so I would advise against it!! Hair removal cream and those hair removal mitts I would try first. Good luck x

LaLaLolly Wed 21-Dec-16 21:10:20

I don't know if people do this in the UK, but in Latin countries they bleach girls' arm hair as it's less "invasive" and makes they invisible (or less noticeable)

DailyFail1 Sun 01-Jan-17 02:54:42

No to waxing, but some (mainly Indian) beauticians do offer threading to children.

Grindelwaldswand Sun 01-Jan-17 02:57:25

Get her some hair removal cream but do a teensy patch as a test first to make sure she isn't allergic and it doesn't burn etc. I use veet on my hairy arms and it removes everything easily in 8mins because the hairs on your arms are so fine and soft

DailyFail1 Sun 01-Jan-17 03:01:47

The creams aren't suitable for a seven year old. The only thing that is, is threading/plucking and it's painful

PenelopeFlintstone Sun 01-Jan-17 03:04:34

I think Veet would be fine. Just do a test patch first, and obviously don't leave it on too long. Kids can be mean; I let my daughter do it.

joangray38 Sun 01-Jan-17 03:39:49

Buy some wax strips from boots or take her to a beauticians and ask about bleaching etc. if she has been stressing about it for so long it's not a fad, and if tou do wax eventually the hair becomes weaker or stops growing. I have hairy arms and wish I had waxed as teenager instead of covering them up.

Thinkingofausername1 Sat 07-Jan-17 16:25:57

I think 7 is a young age for waxing. I agree with another poster about talking with a beautician about other options

4yoniD Sat 07-Jan-17 16:32:41

I'd try bleaching if it really is bothering her (not for 99.9% of kids though!)

habibihabibi Sat 07-Jan-17 16:33:34

I am in the Middle East and know of girls who have had facial threading younger than 7 years old which must sting something terrible on their baby skin . It wouldn't be as painful on your arms but your daughter probably wouldn't want it done twice !

GieryFas Sat 07-Jan-17 16:38:23

It's a bit different, but dd1(8) asked for me to help her in getting rid of her monobrow - she got self conscious about it after she'd been in a show where she was with lots of older girls, and I think that's what made her worry about it.

I kept putting it off, but as she kept asking I agreed that she could come with me and if the salon would do it then she could have it waxed or threaded off. She wanted wax (I explained one big ouch, versus lots of little ones) and she was fine with it, has had it done twice now. I never ask her, but if she comes to me and says it's bothering her then I do take her along to have it done. I'd rather she felt comfortable in her own skin.

Dragongirl10 Sat 07-Jan-17 16:41:15

Google 'sugaring' practicioners in your area.

Sugaring is an entirely natural hair removal method suitable for the most sensitive skin, but does need to be done every 6 weeks by a professional.

I have used it for 30 years as l am allergic to waxes, my leg hairs are almost non existant now as the process weakens the growth, so even if you stop at any point the hair is lessened.

It lasts up to 6 weeks leaves skin beautifully soft, and does not make the issue worse.
l have a background in the beauty medical world and would never put hair removal creams on myself let alone a child, skin absorbs what you put on it and there are all sorts of nasty possible effects.

Sugaring paste is utterly harmless.

ChippyDucks Sat 07-Jan-17 16:51:20

She is very young to be dealing with all the upkeep/ stubble/ possible teasing
I am quite fair but always had really long hair on my arms. I had it waxed off about 12 years ago but then couldn't handle the regrowth so I've shaved my forearms every day since. (Doesn't take long, ten seconds after I've finished shaving my legs)

KenzieBoosMummy Thu 12-Jan-17 13:42:53

What about trimming it? Then there's no stubble or pain and it's less noticeable? Don't use creams as they can burn skin and you still get a small amount of stubble. I have always shaved my arms but I'm blonde. I don't really get stubble because the hair is so fine. Hasn't grown back any thicker?? X

namechange20050 Thu 12-Jan-17 13:47:05

Shaving hair doesn't make it grow back thicker. Old wives tale.

Isadora2007 Thu 12-Jan-17 13:49:28

I'm glad you posted about this. My seven year old is also hating her hairy arms and legs and she is unfortunately very hairy. She has a wee hairy back too which I know will upset her as she gets older. I am worried waxing or sugaring would be painful. But I think I will have to let her do it soon. She is a gymnast and so needs to be showing a lot of flesh often and I want her to feel confident in doing so.
Watching with huge interest.

INeedNewShoes Thu 12-Jan-17 13:52:05

I'd worry about the chemicals in hair removal creams especially starting at such a young age.

Sugaring sounds worth exploring.

alisoncoggs Thu 12-Jan-17 13:57:48

I have a rather hairy 7-year-old dd. Yesterday, her friend commented on her arms in my presence. I simply talked it up as a positive thing, yes hairs help to trap warm air and keep you extra cosy in this cold weather, as indeed they do. Friend looked rather impressed and shut up, and dd looked pleased. End of the matter I hope.

Quarksoundslikequack Wed 18-Jan-17 18:15:05

Let her wax her arms, I guarantee you she'll stop after the first one.

It fucking hurts!

MGKJLW Sun 10-Sep-17 20:03:46

Thank you for all your comments. I'd not checked back on this thread for a while so hadn't realised the amount of responses, for which I'm really grateful!

For now, my daughter has stopped talking about it but when it comes up again, I'll explore a bit more with a beautician and also about sugaring. The point about being comfortable in her own body really hit home. Again, thank you all !

NeonFlower Sun 10-Sep-17 20:13:25

I think if she really wants to remove it, I would run through the options you would be ok with and get her to choose one. It might well be ok for a while after, too, but let her know that she will have to do it again every once in a while, but only when she wants to. Personally I would try sensitive hair removal cream.

Fluffyears Wed 13-Sep-17 00:34:06

You can use Jolene to bleach arm hair. Then you could do a patch test. The instructions are to mix enough for one arm, donthr bleaching (takes 10 minutes) then scrape it off and use it on the other arm. I feel forbher as I had really dark hairy arms as a kid and I use beer to keep mine smooth. Once a week i veet them, always patch test.

GoldenFleck Wed 13-Sep-17 22:31:39

She will regret stubbly arms

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