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Newborn photo shoot disappointment...

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scruffmacduff Wed 14-Dec-16 19:29:23

My friend tagged me in Facebook post that a reasonably nearby photographer had put up, asking for newborn babies to model for her to practise photographing (she wanted pictures for her portfolio).

The deal was we were to bring our baby along, we would get 10 photos from the shoot and the photographer would have had a practise and get some photos for her website.

When we went to the shoot (in May), we were told that we'd receive our photos in a couple of weeks. It's obviously now December and nothing. I've e-mailed the woman 3 or 4 since and she's explained how busy she is etc.

I'm really disappointed but I'm not sure what to do now. The photoshoot was free, so do I just have to suck it up and forget it?

I know she has pictures by the way, as she posted a 'taster' photo on her Facebook page.


Milkand2sugarsplease Sat 24-Dec-16 03:24:20

Did you sign anything when you had the photos taken?

I would be writing to her again telling her to remove pics of your child from all her promotional material - bit difficult if you signed to say she could use them.

I'd also be saying that whilst you realise she's busy, it does not take 6m+ to edit and forward her images.

Can you leave a review on her Facebook page/website? Public complaints are often rectified far quicker than a private email.

CrazyGreyhoundLady Sat 24-Dec-16 04:12:17

As a photographer I would say keep messaging her. Busy or not this isn't acceptable. The way I see it she has two choices, stop using your little ones photos or give you the photos she promised.
Also as pp said did you sign anything at the shoot? To use the photos online as you have said she posted them on facebook she's opening herself to a potential lawsuit unless you signed a minors model release form. If not you are well within your rights to demand they are removed!

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