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On call at Christmas - creative ideas needed

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pumasalient Mon 28-Nov-16 12:53:41

My sister is on call on Christmas Day and will be approximately 1.5 hrs from the rest of the family. She has no partner/children and has to be within 30 mins of the hospital. My dilemma is that I hate the thought of her sitting in a hotel room on her own on Christmas Day. However, because of the distance and I have a DS I don't think it will be possible to travel to meet her. So I need to come up with some inventive ways to try and give her some sort of Christmas. Due to other commitments ie. visiting in-laws etc and my sister's work schedule I can't 'move' Christmas Day to a better date. I know we can Skype but I wondered if anyone else had experienced this or had any ideas to make things a little more exciting/happier for her on the day. The only idea I have had so far is sending her a parcel with a DVD and some goodies to open on the day.

Silverdream Wed 30-Nov-16 07:18:58

Can your family bring Christmas to her. You do Christmas at her house - cook and sort it. She can come and go with no pressure. Keep it simple. She can buy and cook turkey night before.

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