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Identity Theft?

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Sparkesx Thu 24-Nov-16 13:43:15

Hi All,

Slightly terrified right now and i'm wondering what to do? I've never experienced this before and don't want to over react but i'm so paranoid right now!

Last night, I had a takeaway delivered and paid for to my address. I was home alone and usually have BF with me but he hasn't been here for the past week as he is in Thailand. I hadn't ordered the takeaway, but it was for me. My name was given specifically and it was strange that it was already paid for? I took the food in thinking it might be BF sending a surprise. I rang him and it wasn't from him so didn't eat it. I put it down to just being weird and went to sleep. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

I had a call from my bank this morning to say they have had temporarily blocked my account as they recognized transactions and purchases out of the ordinary. I hadn't checked my account for about a week as haven't really bought anything! but turns out I am the victim of fraud. The bank are refunding me, have been brilliant and are the process of sending me a new card. Back in October a security telephone banking code was sent to my address which I never received? I'm only aware of this as the bank told it was sent out!

The third thing, I've had dodgy calls from a number which I've googled which turns out to be a lady advertising herself as an escort in the West Midlands, she's included a photo on one photo of her body and with her face and has reviews... I've tried to call back but no answer. This is a fairly new number?

I also had a voicemail from a guy saying he is a landlord and wants to take a reference up for someone, which I've also tried to call back and no answer! Nothing comes up on google either.

These things may be a coincidence and I might just be overreacting but I haven't lost my purse, I rarely use an ATM so unsure of when it could of been cloned. I haven't agreed to be a referee for anyone. Do I contact the police and show them photos of this escort? Financially, everything has been blocked and a new card is on it's way.

I am absolutely terrified, BF doesn't get home till next week and I just don't even want to go home tonight. Has anyone else had this? Did you get to the bottom of it? What happens? sad confused

StrongerThanIThought76 Thu 24-Nov-16 15:38:02

Police, pronto.

I had similar happen to me, turns out it was the postman who had stolen our bank cards and ordered new PINs then stolen them too.

Get the police involved right now

HungryKitten Sun 04-Dec-16 22:30:16

I hope you get everything sorted in the end. Did you manage to find out what's happened? X

Suburbopolis Sun 04-Dec-16 22:34:55

That is weird, the takeaway arriving is bizarre! They ordered a takeaway to your house?! were they having some sort of laugh?

I would start again completely. Tell the bank you want a new account, ie, new numbers. Not just new cards.

Suburbopolis Sun 04-Dec-16 22:38:53

\if somebody uses your card details, would they even know your address. I mean, if you paid for tickets over the phone for example, would you give your address? I take card payments over the phone and we wouldn't know the people's address. So whoever did this knows your address as well. Unless they tried to order themselves a takeaway and the system recognised the card and sent it to your house.
Was it a take away house that you'd used yourself previously?

Farfromtheusual Sun 04-Dec-16 22:46:35

Ring action fraud instead - ringing the police will be a waste of your time as that is all they will advise you! 03001232040 is the number.

Sparkesx Mon 05-Dec-16 17:24:03

Yes the take away thing freaked me out! It had my address AND name and was from a take away I've never heard of but was local. The poor delivery guy was stood in the rain looking as confused as me!

I ordered a new card, then yesterday another payment for £1.89 that I didn't recognise has come out, I immediately rang the bank and they're starting fresh - new account numbers etc. I have a feeling that my post has been stolen somewhere along the lines too. Really scary! Why me? I could understand why I'd be a target if I lived in a mansion and drove a Bentley but that couldn't be further from the truth confused

I have no further updates on the escort business! Hopefully it stays that way and it was just a huge coincidence that she called on the same day as this was going off!

Thank you for your replies Xx

Cbwick Mon 05-Dec-16 17:36:20

You need to contact Action Fraud and report it and get a crime number. There is also an organisation called CIFAS where you pay a small fee and for 2 years your name and address is flagged up as needing extra protection and checks in regard to credit, mobile contracts etc. Also join Noddle or Experian and check your credit profile to make sure no one is applying for credit using your name. I have had to do this due to Bank account theft,

EngTech Mon 05-Dec-16 17:40:29

Have you considered shredding all admin you recycle? Gas bills, statements etc.?

Basic steps really but one less opportunity for the fraudsters to get hold of you identify

As others have said, police need to be advised

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